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Academy Staff

We are here to serve. Get to know your teachers and staff.


Our teachers are our greatest asset at the Academy. Each are qualified to work with children and have expertise within their given subjects. We have lead teachers for every level that specialize in the behavioral, social, and spiritual development of our students. Course teachers teach alongside lead teachers, specializing in a certain subject or skill. Together our lead and course teachers provide our students with the support and skills they need to gain competency in a given subject, along with personal maturation. To view our complete staff page visit the Academy website. 

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Rebekah Davis

Vice Principal of Home Education

Ms. Davis is passionate about studying and teaching the Bible, and teaches Bible across all levels at The Academy. She also teaches choir, keyboard and sight-reading classes, introducing students to basic music theory and fostering a love for music. She holds two B.A.'s in Bible and Theological Studies, and an M.S. in Curriculum Design and Instruction. Ms. Davis has been involved in overseas missions with G.O.D. International since her first trip to India in 2010. Since then she has taught at Bible seminars, administered online Bible courses for Indian believers, and worked in primary education, particularly girl’s empowerment through literacy.

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Alison Sherrod

Lead Administrator

Mrs. Alison Sherrod is the Lead Administrator at the Academy for G.O.D. and was a part of the school’s start-up team in 2013. Mrs. Sherrod has over a decade of experience administering programs for youth, both in the States and abroad. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in Biblical Studies and Community Development from the Institute for G.O.D. and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Missiological Studies. Mrs. Sherrod spent 6 months teaching in a rural Philippines elementary school, and has several years of experience facilitating international development projects. Though primarily overseeing the day-to-day operations at the Academy, as well as the enrollment and admissions process,

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Gregg Garner

Founder & Headmaster

Mr. Gregg Garner started teaching elementary levels in California in the mid-90's and then moved to Tennessee in 2000, where he started teaching junior high and high school levels. In 2004, he started officially teaching at the undergrad collegiate level, and in 2008 at the graduate level. He has also taught all levels of schooling more than a dozen countries, in four different languages.


Jessica Woody

Flex Program Administrator


Janae Castro

Remote Learning Program Administrator


Nate Cameron

Technology Administrator

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