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What is G.O.D. International

The Academy for G.O.D. is an educational program of the Nashville based non-profit, Global Outreach Developments International. G.O.D. International is a community service organization, 3rd world development agency and an educational institution.

Equipping a globally conscious community to serve the poor and marginalized through education, advocacy & empowerment, without discrimination, demonstrating unconditional love.


Community Service

We serve designated neighborhoods by mobilizing, organizing or facilitating programs that meet particular needs related to the issues of the area. This is how G.O.D. Int'l got its start, and it is something we continue to do today, both 'here' and 'abroad.' 

This value is one that all students at The Academy are actively participating in each semester. We facilitate regular projects that focus on serving our neighbors in Old Hickory as well as the elderly and refugee communities in Nashville. 


Third World Development

Third world development is a complicated subject matter to say the least. We highly encourage parents to read through these pages on the G.O.D. International website to get a better understanding of our approach to 3rd world development. 

The fruit of our work abroad is very visible at Academy Home Education. Students from Uganda, the Philippines and El Salvador are active participants in our Remote and Flex courses. It is very likely that your student will be zooming in to a live class along with several international students. 

During classes our teachers will often refer to people in these countries as "Our friends" or "Our Cooperatives" This is because many of our teachers have spent decades of their lives serving and working alongside people from these other countries. This is just one way students at our school are learning to become "globally conscious." 


Educational Institution

Without education, human beings are left under-developed, lacking the capacity to effectively communicate their thoughts.  Without this ability, people have no healthy way to contribute to a meaningful co-existence with their neighbor. Tragically, this inability often leads to conflict, and escalates in violence.  When this happens the distinction between human and animal is blurred.  Education, however, is the key factor to prevent such dehumanization. In effect, it is the impetus for radical social change and healthy societies. 

Jesus emphasized the importance of educating children and that is why The Academy exists. Today it serves more than 200 children worldwide and continues to grow each year. The Academy much like the Institute for G.O.D. is set up to function as a model. It is able to be adapted and applied around the world. 

3 ways to learn online with the Academy for G.O.D.

Every homeschool family does things a little differently. That's why we offer 3 ways for your student to participate in our innovative online learning platform. Whether you are local to Nashville, TN or on another continent, we have a program for you. 


Administrative support + access to clubs & trips + Phoenix Sports


Bring the best online classroom experience

into your home. 


Fun, interactive and meaningful curriculum that is self-paced.

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