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The Book of Numbers

The Book of Numbers



The book of Numbers is full of dramatic and memorable stories of Israel's formation in the wilderness. It can also be a tricky, even challenging book to understand! Geared towards 8-9 year olds, our skilled Bible teachers move through this foundational book and select age-approriate stories and lessons. 


Students will learn such lessons as how to trust God for provision and be satisfied with enough, and how to direct complaints with humility to the proper authority. They will become familiar with key narratives in the history of God's people, such as following the cloud by day and the fire by night, and the provision of manna and quail in a barren environment.


Short teaching videos are accompanied by interactive learning activies from drawing and acting to singing and writing. 


Academy Flex courses provide immediate access to curriculum and a teacher to grade all student work. We provide a safe learning environment and a biblical worldview in all of our courses.  Teachers and Tech Support are avaible to you round the clock. At the end of each course, we give you a performance report for your own record-keeping!


  • Age

    7-9 years

  • Course length

    15 weeks

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