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All About Poetry

All About Poetry


What makes a poem, a poem? This is the question that will guide 10-12 year olds on this 7 week journey.


Poetry is the music of communciation. It touches the soul in a way prose cannot. It is rhythm, and pitch, and emotion in just a few carefully-chosen words. It broadens perspectives, and helps students develop their social-emotional skills. Poetry invites kids to broaden their vocabulary, and learn to appreciate the vast array of literary devices: 

  • figures of speech
  • simile & metaphor
  • personification
  • hyperbole
  • alliteration & more. 


After diving deep into the world of poetry, students will produce their own booklet of original poetry. 


Academy Flex courses provide immediate access to curriculum and a teacher to grade all student work. We provide a safe learning environment and a biblical worldview in all of our courses.  Teachers and Tech Support are available to you round the clock. At the end of each course, we give you a performance report for your own record-keeping!

  • Age Group

    10-12 Years

  • Course Length

    7 weeks

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