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First Aid & CPR

First Aid & CPR


Every teenager should know First Aid and CPR skills! In this engaging, semester-long course, students will learn how to respond to a variety of healthcare situations from caring for cuts and burns to employing the Heimlich manuever and basic CPR.


At the end of this class your student will know how to care for blisters, wrap a sprained ankle, recognize signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion, and help a choking infant or adult. With instructional vidoes, hands-on assignments and plenty of instructor feedback, your teen will finish this course feeling confident in their new skills!


Academy Flex courses provide immediate access to curriculum and a teacher to grade all student work. We provide a safe learning environment and a biblical worldview in all of our courses.  Teachers and Tech Support are available to you round the clock. At the end of each course, we give you a performance report for your own record-keeping!


*This course does not offer official certification. 

  • Age Group

    12-16 years

  • Course Length

    15 weeks

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