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Jesus Stories

Jesus Stories


Introduce your little ones to Jesus through foundational stories. They will learn about his birth, key moments as a boy, and his mission to demonstrate God's way to the world. Students will love engaging these stories and walking away with confidence about who Jesus is, and how they can be more like him. 


Each unit contains teaching videos from Mrs. Mena, who has her M.A. in Theological Studies. Mrs. Mena loves to take complex biblical concepts and break them down to fundamental truths that apply to people age 5-50.  Following each teaching are activities that engage the senses: drawing, singing, acting and writing. Your little one will love these age-appropriate lessons about the example that we have in God’s son and what it means to follow Him!


Academy Flex courses provide immediate access to curriculum and a teacher to grade all student work. We provide a safe learning environment and a biblical worldview in all of our courses.  Teachers and Tech Support are avaible to you round the clock. At the end of each course, we give you a performance report for your own record-keeping!

  • Age Group

    5-7 years

  • Course Length

    7 weeks

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