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"My Side of the Mountain"

"My Side of the Mountain"


This classic novel features an eleven year old boy named Sam, who settles into a life of solitude in the Catskills Mountains of New York.


In this course, Ms. Nadeau takes readers on a literary adventure, helping them make textual and real-life connections. Students dive into studies of the Catskills plant and animal life, which so vibrantly jumps off the pages of this book.  If your student wasn't a nature-lover before, they're sure to be after this class!


This course also includes language art skills such as: 

  • Venn Diagrams
  • T Charts
  • Extracting information from research
  • The full process of crafting a 5 paragraph essay


Academy Flex courses provide immediate access to curriculum and a teacher to grade all student work. We provide a safe learning environment and a biblical worldview in all of our courses.  Teachers and Tech Support are available to you round the clock. At the end of each course, we give you a performance report for your own record-keeping!

  • Age Group

    9-11 Years

  • Course Length

    7 weeks

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